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Make Breakfast Burritos Ahead and Enjoy All Week Long

I usually make breakfast burritos before camping but this worked out really well while staying at home. And now I've got a freezer full of breakfast burritos ready to unwrap and microwave every morning! This would really work for any kind of burrito you're craving.

Below the video is a "recipe". You can improvise with the fillings and ingredients you like or have. I got a surprise box of vegetables from a local farm here during the quarantine (support local farmers if you can!) and I used some of the ingredients in there that I normally wouldn't have even thought of trying (purple kale? turnips?). It turned out great!

Breakfast Burritos

20 flour tortillas (corn tortillas don't wrap well)

1 dozen eggs

8 potatoes

Bacon or any meats if you're a meat lover (I only used 4 slices for all of these)

Shredded cheese to taste

Veggies-any combo: peppers, mushrooms, spinach, kale and whatever you like!

Aluminum foil for wrapping

Chop and cook each of your ingredients and then mix all of the ingredients together for the filling. I usually scramble the eggs, chop the potatoes and pan fry them, and chop the veggies and cook them together.

Set out little squares of aluminum foil and warm up the tortillas on both sides before putting them on top of the foil. Scoop filling on top of the tortillas and then wrap them up, and then wrap up in the aluminum foil.

If you're going to freeze them, I put them in a freezer bag first. When warming up in the microwave, unwrap the aluminum foil from the burritos, wrap in a paper towel, and microwave for 2 minutes (refrigerated) or 3 minutes (frozen).

Be well, stay safe and happy cooking!

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