The New St. Pete Pier is Not the Pier We Sailed to from California

Years ago, my husband and I sold everything we owned and bought a sailboat in San Diego, California with the goal that we would sail and live off the sea for two years. Two and a half years later, we docked in St. Petersburg, Florida at the marina on the pier. It was the end of so many adventures, but we felt relief that we had made it safely back to the United States and felt so much appreciation to live here.

I took the first Greyhound bus to Ohio to stay with my mother while my husband (boyfriend at the time) sold the boat. Years later, we ended up moving to St. Petersburg, which had grown into a vibrant city with character and young businesses. But every time we go to the Pier, we think of our adventures. It's so exciting to see the St. Pete Pier turn into a world class destination.

The St. Pete Pier finally opened after years of construction and and it is a project that was worth the wait. It's 26 acres of restaurants, beach, aquarium and learning center, unique shops, children's playground, art, nature, and history. It's all about the details. Thank you to all of the visionaries for creating the St. Pete Pier!

This will be a pier where lots of new stories, adventures, and plans for the future will be made!

And here are some pics from that sailing adventure. The cover photo is my husband having a cigar on the dock at the marina at the St. Pete Pier. He was so relieved to be able to get a good night sleep after 2 1/2 years of making sure our boat didn't drift away or get robbed overnight.