Kenny Chesney Helping Create 32 Acre Underwater Reef in Florida

No Shoes Reefs is a grassroots organization with Kenny Chesney that is committed to helping create healthier oceans by building reefs.

A 32 acre underwater reef park is being developed a half a mile away East of Delray Beach in Florida, and they're dropping 13 10,000 pound "reef balls" to start it up.

"No Shoes Reefs is an extension of how I have tried to live for many, many years. Love the water, give back to the water", says Chesney.

The goal is to create an eco system that is ever evolving which helps improve water quality and builds back up the fish population.

Check out this link if you want to watch the reef balls deploy into the ocean in Florida!

Kenny Chesney keeping the party going on underwater while the party keeps on going at the beach!

Photo: Getty Images