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Florida Country Thunder Festival Brought Music to Mickey's Backyard

Photo: Brad Thornton

What a fun weekend! Florida's Country Thunder 2021 was in Kissimmee, Florida, just outside of Orlando and the home of the happiest place on earth, Disney!

It was three days of country music in our happy place September 10-12, 2021 and fans rolled in with their campers, their lawn chairs, their boots, and a few changes of clothes. Not that you needed to wear too much, it's Florida!

Some of the highlights included Lee Brice and Old Dominion on night one (after a rain storm rolled through).

And we could feel Eric Church's passion for live music and for his fans the entire show.

Dierks Bentley brought up Aaron and shotgunned a beer with him. Hopefully he didn't call in sick on Monday because...that video.

The weekend ended with the Hardy Party and Hardy was celebrating his birthday! Super soaker time!

And the concert was in a huge field with plenty of space for everyone. And some people didn't even leave their campsites because you could hear the music and even see the stage from some of the sites! Some lucky campers brought their inflatable swimming pools #NextYearGoals

What a fun weekend! And Eric Church said what we were all thinking as live music seeped through our soul. Or was that a cold beverage? Maybe a little bit of both mixed with a little concert sweat.

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