Carrie Underwood Tours Her Home and Shows Her Husband's Turkey On the Wall

It's not easy agreeing on how to decorate your home together with your significant other, and there have been plenty of stories of couples secretly throwing out a prized possession of the other half and claiming it "must have got lost".

Carrie Underwood may not have done that, but she is sharing some of the things that her husband has around their home that clearly are not her style.

She shared a video showing off her husband Mike Fisher's hunting trophies, including a deer head, a turkey and a wolf, and she captioned it "dead things on the wall". Carrie's a vegetarian so this probably really bugs!

And she showed a pile of Mike's clothes on the floor and captioned, "Things I wouldn't put up with if I didn't love him".

Carrie has a new song out with Jason Aldean called "If I Didn't Love You" so of course that's what's playing in the background.

This is all soooo relatable. Well played Carrie!

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