New Tik Tok Trend is Peeling RAW Eggs and This Is How It's Done

Egg shell broken in middle with yolk and white spilling out

Photo: Getty Images

Well this will teach us patience. There's a Tik Tok trend of peeling raw eggs and keeping them intact. Who knew this could be done? Doctors and Dentists have been doing this in school to practice their skills and it's definitely doable, it just takes the right tools like tweezers or cuticle pushers.

And lots of patience because you have to break off little tiny pieces and and one quick movement in the wrong direction results in another addition to the scrambled egg pile.

Is egg peeling soothing and relaxing? Or completely frustrating like cutting someone's hair, one strand at a time? Won't know until we try, and if we fail, Happy Fry-day will come sooner this week.

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