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3 Things You May Have Missed at the Kenny Chesney Concert in Tampa

The first Kenny Chesney show of the Here and Now tour kicked off in Tampa, Florida Saturday, April 23 and we're still floating! We needed to hang out with 60,000 friends and fill up with music for our soul.

As early as 10 a.m. the No Shoes Nation was ready to go, with tailgating tiki huts, swimming pools, and flags were flying!

There was something going on at everyone's tailgate and everyone came back with stories and memories from the show.

Here are a few that we can tell.

1. This couple was sitting in the VERY LAST ROW and were SURPRISED with tickets close to the STAGE!

2. There were SANDBAR tickets buried in the sand and Savannah found them!

3. Sometimes you end up backstage

And there was a pirate ship that was cruising through the tailgates and it made the highlights reel. Maybe you'll even see yourself in this one!

And two days before the show, Old Dominion did a pop up show at the Crowbar in Tampa and Kenny Chesney showed up.

He had just talked to us and said he was so ready for this first show Saturday night and even made mention about feeling like a "tiger in a cage". Maybe that's why he had to get out and surprise us all. He just couldn't wait!

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