Your sleeping position says a lot about your relationship!

We know being aware of your body language while you're awake is super important, but who knew it mattered when sleeping as well. Especially if you and your significant other share a bed.

Are you into spooning or do you preferred having your legs wrapped? Maybe even hand holding while you sleep? Well, expert Jane Greer can explain what it all means about your relationship. She took the time to explain it to Womens Health.

Do you sleep on Opposite Sides of the bed? Greer says this could mean that they are "much less comfortable with physical affection and touching"

Do you sleep back to back? This could mean, "You want to touch, but not to the point where you feel too enveloped,”according to Greer. 

Holding Hands? Greer says you and your partner want to stay connected,  “feeling secure that you’re holding on to one another.”

What about Spooning? She says a couple that spoons are “merging their bodies together as one, so you may see them dressing alike or enjoying the same things, there’s a certain similarity”

What the video below and see what she has to say about the all of the positions and share with your friends to see if this is correct for their relationship too! 

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