Jacksonville man found guilty on two counts of murder, facing death penalty

In 2014, Keith Collins Jr., 29, was arrested for the murders of 21-year-old Latricia Johnson and 21-year-old Emanuel Robinson. It is reported that Collins picked up Johnson from work, then took her to Canterbury Garden Apartments on Lane Ave. Collins and Robinson then got into an argument about sleeping arrangements in the apartment. 

Johnson tried to escape from the patio but was followed and shot by Collins multiple times before shooting Robinson. Police reported that there was a third victim, Kaila Exford, now 24,  but she survived by pretending to be dead, which allowed her to be the identifying witness in the case. 

Four years later Collins has been convicted on two counts of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. He will have a court hearing on November 5th where a jury will decide if Collins will receive the death penalty or if he will serve life in prison. 

Keith Collins Jr., 29,  facing life in prison or the death penalty for two murders in 2014 and one attempted murder.


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