The best last minute Halloween costumes you can find on Amazon under $20

We know, Halloween got here faster than you thought it would. So we took the time to look for the easiest (and laziest) costumes you could get for $20 or less on Amazon Prime. 

First up is this shirt that says “Pretend I’m A Spaceship.” It’s definitely a lazy costume, BUT it’s only $13.99 and comes in different colors. Other shirts are available that say “Pretend I’m a Racoon” or “Pretend I’m a Crayon.”

“Pretend I’m A Spaceship” T-Shirt from Amazon

Or an even cheaper costume is this pirate skull mask for $6.99.

Halloween Costume Spooky Pirate Skull Mask Cross Bone Eye Holes White Skeleton

For $13.99 you can dress up as a bloody butcher! The costume even comes with a fake cleaver! 

Halloween Bloody Butcher Costume - 3-Set Killer Dress Up, Apron Chef Hat Fake Cleaver, Unisex

For that same price, you can get this 3 pc Tiger set that comes with ears, tail and bow tie. 

Jacobson Hat Company Adut Tiger Plush 3 Pc. Costume Set, multi-colored, One Size fits Most

This one probably is the coolest of them all. Get an 8 piece ninja costume! This is one that you could totally wear whenever you want. But the designers want to warn you that “Ninja star, grappling hook and stealth skills not included.” So you should probably get those for maximum costume potential.

HDE Deadly Ninja Costume 8 Piece Womens Halloween Costume Adult Sized Trick Treat Ninjutsu Outfit

Whatever you decide to be, we just want you to be safe and have fun! Comment your best last minute costume hacks and share this with a friend who you know hasn’t gotten their costume together. 


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