New legislative bill would require baby changing tables under Florida law

Society has come a long way from babies just being with their mothers and who is going to change the babies diapers. Recently, men have been speaking out on the lack of changing tables available for them, as well as women in certain environments.

This month, proposal SB 1082 was filed by Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, with the intentions of baby-changing tables a requirement under the Florida Building Code for newly constructed buildings and buildings that undergo "substantial renovations.

Under this bill, buildings such as:

  • Shopping centers and malls larger than 25,000 sq. ft.
  • Restaurants that seat at least 50 people, unless a changing table is available within 300 feet of its entrance
  • Retail stores larger than 5,000 square feet
  • Amusement parks
  • Theaters
  • Passenger terminals
  • Sports arenas

The proposal has been filed for consideration during the next legislative session, starting on March 5th.

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