YMCA offers swim tests for Safety Around Water campaign across First Coast

Living in Florida makes it a little hard to escape bodies of water, so the YMCA has set out to prevent as many drownings as possible this summer.

The YMCA has brought back its Safety Around Water campaign, which offers free swim tests for youth. The pools are divided into three zones: red for beginners (shallow water), yellow for intermediate swimmers and green for those that are experienced swimmers (deep end).


The goal of the program made up of eight 40-minute sessions is to take kids from being in the red zone to being comfortable in the green zone and help reduce the risk of drowning. It isn't designed to make them swim competition ready, but to give them the skills to survive should they find themselves in a body of water.

Children ages 6 through 12 are eligible, as well as 5-year-olds currently enrolled in elementary school.

For more information, contact your neighborhood YMCA or call 904-265-1775.

Young boy learning to swim in pool with teacher photo by Stuart Ashley via Getty Images


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