Chris Lane Got Spanked On Stage By Britney Spears

Chris Lane ended up going on stage at Britney Spears' show in Vegas Friday night. 

Chris was in town for the ACM’s and got the chance to see her in concert. They were hanging out backstage when she asked if he could dance.

The answer was no . . . but she invited him to join her on stage anyway. Apparently, she was planning to "fake humiliate" him during her song "Freakshow".

He said, quote, "I didn't know what I was going to have to do, so I get up there and they put me in these chains, a collar, and a leash, and made me get on all fours and crawl across the stage, while she was whipping me, with a whip. I was laughing so hard.

"My inner sixteen-year-old self was freaking out."

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