Chicken Nugget Tweet Is About To Become Most Retweeted Of All Time

So far, this Ellen DeGeneres selfie from the 2014 Oscars, has been the most retweeted of all time, with 3.2 million retweets... and counting. 

But now, a tweet about chicken nuggets has gone viral and is threatening to dethrone the A-lister selfie.

The tweet is from a 16-year-old, who posted it last Wednesday night, in an effort to get Wendy's to give up a year of free chicken nuggets. 

Wendy's has told him it will take 18 million retweets for that.... the tweet is way short right now. 

It's been shared 2.4 million times, so it has a ways to go before it gets to 18 million.

BUT the 3.2 million retweets from the Ellen DeGeneres post is well within its sights, and if it happens, it will make the chicken nuggets tweet the most retweeted of all time. 

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