Forget About Thor's Hammer, Look At His Guns!

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Chris Hemsworth is in Scotland, filming a new Avengers movie.

In the meantime, he's also spending some time in the gym, training to make sure he's got that perfect Thor body and if these pics are any indication, he's got the Thor physique down pat.

If you had any thought there was computer enhancement going on with Chris' muscles, here's proof they're completely real! 

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Here is the workout that will turn your arms in to 🐎 legs!!! ✖️All exercises performed as super sets ✖️Rest time is determined by how long your training partner takes to do a set. As soon as they finish you start😳 ✖️You pick a weight that you can only lift for that rep range☝🏽 ✖️Set 1- 15 reps ✖️Set 2- 12 reps ✖️Set 3- 10 reps ✖️Set 4- 5 reps than straight into a drop set of the weight you did for 15 reps to failure. Still perform super set🤔 ✖️Warm up first✖️ A1. Standing cable bicep curls. A2. Standing cable tricep bar push downs. B1. Standing dumbbell curls. B2. On floor or bench tricep dumbbell skull crushers. C1. Seated dumbbell incline curls. C2. Cable tricep rope push downs. ⚠️Warning be carful leaving the gym you may get caught in the doorway. For your own safety exit all doorways In a parallel manner 😂 If you like this style of workout click on the link in my bio and check out the lean muscle plan that is currently getting built and will be released later this year💪🏽 #twenty40food #twenty40food #leanmuscle #workouts #health #fitness #geitdone

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Bulldogs yesssssss!!!!!!!!! #westernbulldogs @westernbulldogs #grandfinal #letsdothis

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