I Feel Pretty Has A Self-Esteem Message For Everyone

I don't know one woman who hasn't had a self-esteem issue at one point or another in her life. 

Heck, I've even known beauty queens... women who have won major beauty pageants, who were drop-dead gorgeous... and they still fretted over some aspect of their appearance, because they didn't think they measured up.

I know I have my own self-esteem issues. 

That's why I was really interested to see Amy Schumer's new movie, "I Feel Pretty."  Amy plays a girl, who doesn't think much of her own looks, until she hits her head and then, well, the title says it all... she feels pretty.... not just pretty... she thinks she is gorgeous and from that point on in her life, she is overflowing with self-confidence, and we get to watch what happens. 

Amy has been taking a lot of flak from people who have NOT seen the movie... they say she is body-shaming in this film. That could not be further from the truth. This movie is the complete opposite of body-shaming. 

Amy's character is cute. She's not rail-thin, she doesn't have rock-hard abs... in fact, she has a little tummy. She is every girl... she looks, she walks, she talks not like a supermodel but like any of us regular girls. NOTHING changes about how Amy's character looks....  the only thing that changes is how she feels about herself. And THAT is what transforms her. 

Take your daughters to see this movie. Go with your girlfriends. Take your nieces. It's PG-13... there aren't any raunchy scenes that can often mark Amy Schumer movies..... so take your girls to see this. 

All of us women need the message that this movie gives us. MORE of us women need to feel pretty, to have the attitude Amy's character has in this movie. I know I need that attitude. We need to take it to heart... Amy is every girl in this movie and her message is for every girl. 

You know what... come to think of it... take your boys to see this movie as well. The movie's message really is for every person. ~Toni Foxx 

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