The Weirdest Item We've Ever Had On Craigslist Price Is Right

Every morning, at about 8:20, we play Craigslist Price is Right to give away some great prizes. 

We find all kinds of weird things people are selling on Craigslist. One time, we even found an actual boxing ring that Muhammad Ali had fought on in Vegas. The actual boxing ring.

But this morning, had to be the weirdest item. It was a resin statue of an alien smoking a joint. Yep, an alien smoking a joint. It was just one of those weird things we found, we don't know how... it's so weird that we couldn't even make it up if we tried. 

It's so weird that you have to see it to believe it. CLICK HERE to see the weirdest item we have ever had on Craigslist Price is Right. 

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