How Did Former Jags Player Do On Bachelorette Premiere?

Former Jacksonville Jaguar Clay Harbor was the third guy to meet Becca on the premiere of this season of The Bachelorette... but how he began the show is not as important as how he ended the show, because the crucial question after every episode is.... did he make it through the first Rose Ceremony?

Ok, back to that in a minute. Here is a pic of him meeting Becca for the first time... a pic he posted on his Instagram. 

Deadspin reports that when Clay met Becca, he said, "I’ve caught a lot of passes in my day, but if I were to land you, it’d be the biggest catch of my life.”

Oh, boy. If they didn't have a rimshot for that one, they missed a good opportunity. 

Once inside the cocktail party, Clay and Becca chatted while making clay figurines of each other.... as in Play-Doh. It was a little odd... did they do that just because his name is Clay? Clay & clay figurines. Anyway, they bonded over both being from the Midwest.

In the end, yes, Clay made it through the Rose Ceremony, so we will see him again. Go Clay! 

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