Engagement For Country Music Star

"People" has confirmed Maddie Marlow of Maddie & Tae got engaged last month.  Her fiancé is a guy named Jonah Font.  They've been dating for seven years, since she was a high school sophomore.  He's 23, she's 22. 

She calls him her "best friend" and "dream guy."  She also gives him props for putting some thought into the engagement ring.  The center stone is the diamond from her mom's original engagement ring. 

Her dad bought mom a new one a while back so she kept the original to pass down to either Maddie or her sister.  Maddie locked it up first.   She says, quote "It's so special having an heirloom ring because I will get to pass it down one day too." 

Guys, in case you've already tuned out from this engagement stuff, you'll like this part.  Maddie's boyfriend had the ring ready to go, but he wasn't ready to pop the question . . . so he stored it in the perfect place.  

She said, quote, "We live together, so he said hiding the ring was tricky.  It was in his sock drawer for three months."



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