Former Jags Player Gets To Play Football On Bachelorette

There's good news and bad news when it comes to Clay Harbor, the former Jags player, on The Bachelorette. 

First, let's give you the good news. Clay got to show off his football skills on last night's show, when the guys....... wait for it........... played football!  Imagine that. He was actually quite the generous player, though, because he didn't completely take over and show off. He let other guys shine, even though he was definitely in charge of his team. 

But with his team down, he did have to take over and he ran the ball in for a touchdown, and the win. Clay went down with a wrist injury, though.  He was carted off by medics and then did come back and that's when Becca was so impressed that she gave him a kiss and the date rose, ensuring he would stay on for another week. 

Here's the play where he scored and got injured. 

Now, the bad news.  Clay gets a rose and the show moves on to the cocktail party. That's when Clay has to break it to Becca that his injury requires immediate surgery IF he wants to keep playing football, and try to latch on with an NFL team this season.  So, that's what Clay wants to do, which means he has to drop out of the show and say goodbye to Becca, despite having a rose. 

Clay appeared this morning on Good Morning Football and talked about his time on the show and his hopes for the future of his career. 

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