Martina McBride Being Sued

According to TMZ, Martina McBride and her husband are being sued by a former employee, who says he was fired when he reported them for not paying interns who worked for them. 

Richard Hanson ran the internship program until last year, and says the couple hired unpaid interns and would have them do all kind of menial tasks, like cleaning bathrooms, delivering food and setting up equipment. He even claims that at one point, Martina's husband send two interns to the couple's home to check for an intruder, and gave them a loaded gun.

Hanson says he kept telling the McBrides they needed to pay the interns but they wouldn't do it, so he filed a claim with the Department of Labor and that's when he says he was fired in retaliation. 

He is suing for a million bucks and other damages. 

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