Social Media In Love With Cop Who Ticketed Left Lane Slow-Poke

If you've ever found yourself going insane because someone in front of you was driving too slowly in the left lane, this story's for you. 

A state police trooper in Indiana was on Interstate 65, about 35 miles south of Indianapolis, on Saturday when he noticed a huge backup in the left lane. 

He realized it was because a woman was driving under the speed limit, which was 70 . . . and there were about 20 cars stuck behind her.  So . . . he pulled her over. 

Under Indiana's state laws, the left lane is for passing . . . so if you're going under the speed limit, you're legally required to get into the right lane.  This woman didn't . . . so she got a ticket. 

The general consensus on social media seems to be . . . this cop is a here.  His tweet about what happened has gotten over 28,000 retweets . . . and a lot of comments from people asking him to come patrol in their states. 

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