Have You Done The Board & Brush Thing Yet?

Have you ever gone to those painting places... where you do a painting with your friends? You might BYOB and you all paint the same thing and at the end, you have a new picture to hang up at home. Or toss in the trash if you're painting-challenged like me.

Anyway, there's now a twist on that in town. It's called, Board & Brush, and it's the same concept but you do different craft projects. My friends & I went to the one in Ponte Vedra Beach last weekend & created personalized doormats. We even enjoyed mimosas while we worked & we all had a blast and made some really cool doormats.

Better to make a doormat than be a doormat, HAHAHAHA!

Ok, bad joke but if you're looking for some fun things to do, try it! You don't even have to be good at arts & crafts to create a great item.

Click on the links before for our two local locations:

Board & Brush Ponte Vedra Beach

Board & Brush St. Johns


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