How Area High Schools Got their Names

You know the names but do you know the people behind the names?

Douglas Anderson,a highly respected local African-American businessman. In 1948, led an effort to build the school where it still stands on the Southside.

William M. Raines High; Named in honor of William M. Raines, principal of Matthew Gilbert School.

A. Philip Randolph Academies; Randolph was an African-American labor movement and civil rights leader. Randolph played an important role in organizing the 1963 March on Washington, made famous by Martin Luther King’s “I had a dream” speech.


Stanton- named after Edwin Stanton, President Lincoln’s Secretary of War. Stanton was the first school for black children in the State of Florida.

Fletcher– named after Jacksonville residentDuncan U. Fletcherwho was the longest serving U.S. senator in Florida history.

Robert E. Lee –noted Civil War general.

Andrew Jackson– named after the 7th US President, the same man for which the city is named.

Samuel Wolfson - prominent businessman, philanthropist and civic leader who died in 1963.

Terry Parker- named after local businessman who with his family deeded thirty acres to build the school in Arlington.

Paxon– The Paxon family were the owners of the land in the area where Paxon School for Advanced Studies stands.

Pedro Menendez – Spanish explorer, founder of St. Augustine

Ribault– Jean Ribault, 16th century French explorer who “found” the first coast at Fort Caroline. He was killed as part of the massacre led by Pedro Menendez. I still think the two schools should play a rivalry game. Few can say “a rivalry 500+ years in the making.”

Ed White – Astronaut who was the first American to walk in space. He was tragically killed while training for the first Apollo mission in 1967

Allen B. Nease-conservationist in the mid-19th century, known as "Johnny Pine-nut" for the number of pines he planted in St. Johns County

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