Bad At Texting? Maybe Your Thumbs Are Too Long

How long are your thumbs?

A study in Denmark found that if you have really LONG thumbs, you might be worse at TEXTING than the average person.

Researchers tracked how fast people could hit targets on a smartphone, and how many mistakes they made.

And they found that how fat your thumbs are doesn't matter much . . . but people with long thumbs tend to be worse at it.

12% of all the mistakes made in the study had to do with thumb length . . . specifically thumbs that were too long to reach certain parts of the screen quickly.

It matters most when you're trying to touch something at the bottom of the screen. Long-thumbed people can't reach that spot as easily.

And buying a bigger phone might not fix it. The study found it won't necessarily solve anything, because how we hold our phones plays a big part. So people with long thumbs just have a disadvantage in general. 

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