Have You Cut The Cord?

So, for quite few years, I had it made, when it came to my TV/sports/movie watching.

I was part of Comcast's influencer program. As part of that, I had high speed internet & all the bells & whistles Comcast offers... all their channels, almost all their movie channels, DVR, voice remote... everything at a very discounted rate.

This year, that all came to an end. So, I have 6 days to decide if I want to keep Comcast or go with something else. I'm thinking I won't be keeping all I have... I don't think I want to spend that much money. So, I am thinking of cutting the cord.

I already have a few streaming services... Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & Disney. My primary concern is getting sports, because I don't want to miss any pro or college football or any times my hometown Cleveland basketball or baseball teams are on. I also want Showtime, until the show Shameless ends.... It's on its last season... and I also want HBO, because Succession is another great show I am hooked on.

So, I'm looking for advice. Have you cut the cord? If so, what services do you use and are you happy with the service and cost?

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