Toni's Weekend in 5 Pictures 1/22-1/24

My weekend started out Friday night at a friend's house.... just had some drinks & dinner. But I took no pics and posted nothing so that means it may not have really happened, right?

Well, then let's move on to Saturday morning. It started quietly until I heard a loud boom and then the electric went out. Turns out a transformer blew & electric went out in my entire condo community.

By that time, I was pretty hungry and I really wanted something hot and yummy to eat, so I treated myself to brunch. I hadn't been to First Watch in awhile, so I went there and had a delicious egg and bacon sandwich.

The rest of the day was not terrible exciting... electricity was back and I did tasks like laundry and putting away clothes and napping on the couch. I stayed in Saturday night & I can't even say I watched anything interesting on TV.

Sunday, I finished up researching whether to cut the cord and switch from cable to streaming for my TV watching.

You could probably see all the tabs I had open as I tried to figure stuff out... there was a lot of info to sort through.

I'm so glad I found a really good article that had a good graph comparing channel lineups of the different streaming companies, because that helped me so much. It was a little out of date but had enough current info that it saved me a ton of time. If you are thinking about cutting the cord or even switching streaming companies, I would suggest googling things like what is the best streaming service for live TV or something similar. If I hadn't found the article I did, I would probably be researching into next month, trying to figure it out.

I had to watch the NFL playoffs Sunday, especially with Tampa in the NFC Championship game. I joined my friend Kathy and we went to Sneakers in Jax Beach.

It's been so long that I've been to Sneakers that I forgot how many huge screens they have to watch sports. It was great! Great especially because Tampa won.

And finally, my last picture is not so much about what I did this weekend but it's about what I didn't do. I meant to do it, I planned to do it, but I never did it. I never took my Christmas tree down. Yep, the sucker is still up. I just love it so much & it looks so pretty that it's really hard for me to take it down.

But I am feeling like a slug and an idiot for not taking the tree down. I might be the only one in my entire complex that still has their tree up. So, with a heavy heart, I'll take it down this week.

And hey, if you need a link for help in cutting the cord, let me know... I'll send you a link to the article I found that helped me.

Have a great week!

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