Toni's Weekend In 5 Pictures 2/19-2/21

I went to St. Petersburg this weekend to visit my boyfriend. It seems like we have started a new thing/tradition... whatever you want to call it. The last three Fridays that we have been together, we have tried out new pizza places.

On my way to St. Pete, I heard on the radio that it was Tampa Bay Pizza Week & different pizza places had specials, so of course, we had to try one. We got a pizza special from Flippers Pizzeria. We didn't know that it's a chain, but it really didn't matter, because it was really good!

There was a festival in St. Pete on Saturday called, Localtopia. It featured a ton of local vendors selling and featuring their stuff. I love events like that and the weather was perfect to be outside. The crazy thing is that they must've known my boyfriend was attending, because they had a welcome sign for him!

In case you haven't figured out, his name is Scott, so we got a good laugh out of that sign.

Anyway, it was a really nice festival... they were very conscious of the fact we are still in a pandemic, because everyone had to wear masks and at certain points, the festival was filled to capacity, so people had to wait to get in.

Among other things, I ended up buying a couple of coffee mugs that I thought would look great in my place, and they do!

After the festival, we went to a brewery, 3 Daughters Brewery. It was all about good beer, beautiful weather & great company

To wrap up the weekend before I headed home, we found a great new place down the road from my boyfriend's for some wings called, Whiskey Wings. The wings were so good!

We will be there again.

Have a great week!

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