Help! I'm Having A Faucet Problem.

So, I recently had a problem with my washing machine. Thankfully, it was a quick fix and thanks to a recommendation by a friend, an appliance guy did it in like one minute, and I might be generous with that timing.

Now, I have a problem with the faucet. I have one of those faucets that you can pull out in order to spray dishes. Now, it seems it's worn out so it's just hanging.


Photo: Toni Foxx iHeart

The guy who came over to fix the washing machine says it's an easy fix. He recommended I go to any hardware store and get weights that they sell, and put those under the sink, at the bottom of the hose to weight it down.

He says it's easy. But I am not a DIYer. I am always worried when someone says it's easy.

So, I'm wondering... have you ever dealt with this or known someone who has? Is it really an easy fix?

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