Social Idiot: Instagram Model Does Sexy Photo Shoot With Dead Dad's Casket

Nothing says social media idiot like the Instagram model who recently appeared to do a photo shoot alongside her dead father's body as it lied in the casket at his funeral.

Yes, you read that right. She took pics... sexy pics, next to the casket in which her deceased father was lying.

Jayne Rivera is a social media influencer and there seems to be no doubt she crossed a line recently when she posted these pics at her father's service.

I mean, these weren't just pics of her standing there, beside the casket, looking sad, as a way to memorialize the moment.... these are sexy pictures! She's wearing a skimpy outfit and in one, she kicks her leg up! WTH!

I'm not going to say there's never a time to take pics in a situation like this... when my father died many years ago, one of this brothers traveled from Italy to Cleveland for the funeral and he probably took pics to show my other uncles and aunts in Italy. You might think that's odd, but I think in different cultures and in the right setting, it's ok. My uncles and aunts and cousins in Italy couldn't make it to the funeral, they might have wanted to see the last pictures of their loved one.

But this girl is trying to look sexy and posting the pics all over Instagram!

Then she had the nerve to try to defend herself. She told NBC News, "There is nothing wrong with what I posted, and I stand by that."

Really? She stands by that? If she stands by that, why did she delete her Instagram account? That's right, she did have hundreds of thousands of followers, but she was hemorrhaging followers by the thousands when the tacky pics went viral and the backlash was so bad, she deactivated her account altogether.

Is that how she stands by her actions?

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