Can Your Voicemail Keep You From Getting A Job?

Do you think a potential employer would not hire you if your voicemail is too jokey?

Well, this very thing happened to a girl in South Carolina.

A woman in South Carolina named Zanaya Jones applied for a job at a grocery store a while back. And the manager tried to call her to offer her an interview. 

But he got her voicemail, and decided to cancel the offer . . . because her greeting message was too JOKEY. 

It starts with her singing, "Wassup, wassup, wassup." Then she says the normal "leave your name" stuff, but ends it in a jokey way too. 

He left her a message, and said that if you apply for a job, you should make sure your voicemail is more professional than that. Then he said there was no need for her to call back, and hung up. 

It happened back in 2020, but it's going viral now after she posted both audio clips on TikTok

Here is her message:

I don't really think it's that bad. I mean, it's not like she was getting hired to be a law clerk. What do you think?

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