Pete Davidson Has A Kim Kardashian Candle & It's From Jacksonville

Something you might not know about me... I do not talk about Kim Kardashian in my life at all unless there's a really good reason to. Right now, I have a good reason to.

What is that reason? I'm glad you asked because it has to do with Jacksonville. Yes, our fine city has a connection to Kim Kardashian.

Kim's current beau, Pete Davidson, was doing a video interview recently with People Magazine and spotted in the background of his bedroom was a candle...not just any old candle, but a candle with Kim's picture on it.

It turns out he got that candle at a store in Jacksonville, The store is called, Bobbyk Boutique and it is located in Springfield.

The Bobbyk Boutique sells all kinds of stuff, including a variety of celebrity candles. In addition to a Kim Kardashian candle, you can get a Pete Davidson candle or a Miley Cyrus candle, or Bob Saget or Ted Lasso or Joe Rogan or Donald Trump or Joe Biden or many others. They cost $14.00 each.

Bobby Kelley, the owner of the boutique, posted about the interview on Facebook.

He might start selling out of those Kim Kardashian candles now. CLICK HERE to shop for a candle or check out any of the other things for sale at the Bobbyk Boutique.

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