Tim McGraw Reveals A Scary Moment On The Set Of "1883"

In the world of Hollywood, where filmmakers use lots of CGI in their movies, many stunts are still real... Tim McGraw will testify to that, when talking about "1883," the Yellowstone prequel he stars in with wife Faith Hill.

They really rode horses, and they really drove wagons when they filmed the show, and sometimes did it in the middle of the night, or technically, very very very early in the morning, according to Tim.

This morning, Tim talked to Robbie, John, and Toni in the morning and covered everything.... the filming of "1883.", how much he's looking forward to playing here in Jax in a month, and the surprising reason he almost DIDN'T record his new song, "7500 OBO." Oh, and of course, he gave a shout-out to his mom, Betty, who is one of our favorite listeners!

Tim will be performing at Daily's Place on Thursday, May 5th.

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