This Has To Be The WORST Place To Propose To Someone

There are people who plan their wedding proposals down to the last minute detail... they might take months, even years, making sure it's absolutely perfect. Part of that planning is usually making sure the setting is just right... maybe it's a gorgeous exotic setting or maybe it's a beautiful park, surrounded by friends and families.

Then, there's the guy that proposed in the airport security line. Yeah. IN the airport security line. WHAT THE HECK?!

This is absolutely true, it really happened and maybe the most amazing part... she said yes. Although if you're the girl dating the guy who proposed in the airport security line, you probably wouldn't be that surprised he chose that spot to ask you to marry him, and of course, you would say yes.

I don't know any background of why this particular guy chose to propose in this particular place. Could be where they met, could be they both love to travel. All I know is what this TSA Instagram post tells us.

So, if you look at this post and you consider why this guy would propose IN an airport security line... you might be thinking.... ok, maybe the guy had the ring on him and was waiting to propose to his girl during the vacation they were headed to, but he had the ring in his pocket when he went through the metal detector and it beeped so at that point, he decided to hell with it... I'm doing it now.

But if you really look at the post, you'll see that it says he contacted airport management to see if he could stage the proposal there. He PLANNED it! He WANTED to propose IN an airport security line! IN the line! With a bunch of strangers with their shoes and belts off all around them, and probably a long line of people who are now very annoyed that the line has stopped for a reason they don't know.

I want to know WHY??? WHY would anyone want to propose to or be proposed to IN AN AIRPORT SECURITY LINE??? Am I alone in thinking this really might be the worst place in the world for a marriage proposal? Ok, wait.... maybe a public restroom would be worse. But aside from a public restroom, an airport security line has to be the worst. Even if they met in an airport security line.... no, just no!

I would take the most boring dull proposal ever over being proposed to in an airport security line. I don't like being in those lines any longer than I have to.... much less standing there while my guy proposes to me. Ick. Yuck. No. Absolutely NO!

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