Which Color Car Holds it Value best? I was surprised!

Some colors hold their value better than others. I am just shocked by what is the best.

A new report from ISeeCars.com ranks all vehicle colors by how they depreciate over time, and one color does the best, and it's not even close: yellow cars.

Experts say yellow cars keep their value mainly because it's "among the least popular colors . . . so they're novel in the secondhand marketplace, and people are willing to pay a premium for them."

So with that thought-process, it's not too wild to know that orange vehicles are the second-best, followed by purple cars. Then it's red, green, blue, gray, beige and silver.

Now for those who thought the least wild color would be the best find the blander colors of brown and gold as the least likely to hold its value. Cool website that goes into best makes and models as well.

Well, into my gold car I go, devaluing all the way home.

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