Way Cool: Morgan Wallen Pitches in for Little League Team

There's a little league baseball team in Waverly, Tennessee that earned a trip to the Dixie Youth Baseball World Series in South Carolina. And thanks to Morgan Wallen, the team is not paying for anything!

Morgan is a fellow Tennessean, so when he heard the team won the state championship, he decided to cover the cost of new uniforms, travel, food, room and board, the whole nine yards.

Morgan told them about the gesture via a video and a couple of the kids flashed their Morgan-inspired mullet. One kid said, "I got it because of Morgan Wallen. He's my favorite singer, and speaking of him, he donated all this stuff." Yeah he did.

The whole thing is extra cool because the area of Waverly was devastated by a flood last year that did serious damage to some local schools. Some of the kids have been attending a makeshift school in a old factory building. These kids have had a hell of a 2022, Morgan Wallen's kindness just made it all better.

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