How many phone numbers do you have memorized?

Get ready for a little more hold music when you call customer service today: It's Telephone Tuesday, doncha know, the day of the year businesses supposedly get the most phone calls.

There's always a big spike after Labor Day weekend, because it's the unofficial start of fall, people start planning for the holidays, etc.

So while you are celebrating, we were wondering how many phone numbers you have memorized.

A new poll asked 7,000 Americans, and almost no one knows more than five or six anymore. 9% said zero . . . 48% said between one and three . . . 23% said four to six . . . and only 8% know more than ten.

People were also asked to name the top features the "perfect phone" would have. And the number one answer was caller ID for all numbers.

How many do you know?

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