Armed Fluffy Dog won't give up the weapon. You read it correctly.

He was armed to the teeth. Well, armed IN his teeth.

A sweet and wonderfully innocent-looking Great Pyrenees gave his dog walker plenty of angst this week.

New York Post reported: “I thought he grabbed a stick as usual,” Matt Paprocki, who was walking his buddy’s dog for a second time that day in Sylvania, Ohio.

He continued that then the dog “shoved his face into a pile of sticks and branches,” where he picked up a sharp knife. Paprocki continued, “My eye caught the glint of metal, and it was instant panic.”

So the dog walker gave a command to the dog “Theo, drop the knife.” Theo didn't budge.

Evidently, these breeds of dogs are pretty stingy with stuff they've found. The sdog walker tried a new stick to trade. Nothing. Animal crackers. Nada.

He called the dog's owner who was just around the corner for help. The owner brought whipped cream; no dice.

What finally got Theo to relent the knife? Salmon.

The dog walker now says, “Now we laugh about it. A little.”

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