What the *$*%? Look where Jacksonville ranks on cities that swear the most!

Is it the traffic? The heat? The ills of the Jaguars over the past few years?

Whatever it is, it's got us in Jacksonville swearing. I usually use the phrase "cussing like a sailor," now I should say "cussing like a Jacksonvillian?"

A big study on foul-mouth language listed the top ten big cities that swear the most. And Columbus, Ohio tops the list! (??)

The ten cities that swear the most are: Columbus, Las Vegas (from the casinos alone, I get it!) and then Jacksonville is number 3! Followed by Oklahoma City, Dallas, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Louisville, and Fort Worth.

Two cities tied for the least amount of swearing: Phoenix and Portland. And look, New York, Boston, and Chicago also made the list of least amount of swearing? That brings the whole survey into question. I mean, what in the %&$&$ are they thinking? Do you agree? Let us know!

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