The Story Behind The Name of Old Dominion's 'No Bad Vibes' Tour

It turns out Old Dominion had some help from a very popular country star when it came to naming their 2023 tour. While opening up for Kenny Chesney on his Here and Now tour in 2023, Old Dominion was planning a tour of their own but was struggling to come up with a name.

Backstage one day in the hallway, Chesney asked the band if they had come up with a name for the tour. When the band informed him that they hadn't yet come up with a name, Kenny offered up the name 'No Bad Vibes' which are lyrics from the band's popular song "No Hard Feelings."

And just like that.... the name of the tour was set, thanks to a little help from Kenny!

The No Bad Vibes Tour kicks off Jan. 19 in Evansville, Indiana and will continue through June 30 when it wraps in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. They will be stopping at Daily's Place in Jacksonville on Friday, May 5th.

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