Things That Have Quietly Went Away Without Anyone Noticing

Remember those red coupon dispensers that used to be inside your favorite grocery store? What ended up happening to those? It is one of the many things that have disappeared quietly without any of us even noticing they were gone.

Someone on Reddit recently asked, “What quietly went away without anyone noticing?”

The question has more than 44,000 responses and some of the answers made me realize I have been very unaware of what's happening around me because I don't think I realized most of these were no longer around.

Here are some of the most popular answers on the forum:

  • "Water beds."
  • "Facebook poke wars."
  • "When you turn off the TV, how the image would shrink to a dot before slowly fading away."
  • "Flash mobs."
  • "Travelers Checks."
  • "Those red coupon dispensers that used to be inside grocery stores."
  • "Picture-in-Picture TVs."
  • "HQ Trivia." (I really miss this one, I LOVED HQ Trivia)
  • "Actual toys in cereal boxes and cracker jack boxes."
  • "McDonald's all-day Breakfast Menu."
  • "Altoid sours...those tangerine ones hit different."
  • "Ringtones. Jay Z said no more and they were done."
  • "Movie trailers with that deep voice guy doing the voiceovers."
  • "Skype"
  • "CD Players in Cars"

A few I am also adding in:

  • Strawberry Creme Savers - Those things were DELICIOUS.
  • Ringback tones! I know ringtones were already mentioned, but remember ringback tones? When you would call someone and hear a song instead of ringing. I miss those!
  • When Taco Bell had a chihuahua as their Mascot

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