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Coming out a little earlier than expected, Lady Gaga has released her first single from her highly anticipated album ARTPOP, "Applause." 

Mother Monster recently paid a visit to Ryan Seacrest where she talked about her new song, her new album, the video she recently appeared in naked, and more!

On her new song "Applause" she says,"When I was finishing the tour, I really was physically breaking. And I was in a lot if pain, but I didn't know where really. Anyone who's a performer that does these world tours will tell you that your body goes through a tremendous amount of stress. And I just didn't know what was wrong because, I'm kind of a hardcore chick."

She goes on to say, "Everything started to dwindle inside, and the only thing that kept me going was the applause. Because the applause of the fans and their screaming, and their faces everynight looking up at me saying 'Gaga we love you no matter what' it really kept me going. And I was able to drown out the pain and finish the show."

Check out the full interview below:

Listen to "Applause" below:

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