You might have seen pics I've posted on our FB page of my friend Melissa and I doing fun things around town or on vacation.

She's a great friend and every year, she does a great thing. She runs the 26.2 with Donna marathon. Yep, Melissa runs the marathon... the whole thing.

It's the only marathon she does every year, in honor of her grandmother who died of breast cancer. Melissa doesn't just run for awareness she runs to raise money all year for the cause and volunteers for the Donna Foundation. Also, when I was running the half marathon, she supported & enouraged all of my training & even trained with me.

In fact, watch out when you're talking to her... before you know it, she'll convince you to run the Donna!

I've decided to hang up my running shoes so I'm not doing the Donna this year but I still think it's a terrific event that raises money for a tremendous cause.

If you are inspired to donate to a worthy charity, please consider my friend Melissa' effort & all the other runners who are working to finish breast cancer. ~Toni

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