No, the Internet never forgets.

HLN is pointing that out. After today's announcement that NBA superstar LeBron James is going back to his hometown, HLN pulled out a bunch of tweets Cleveland fans sent out the night of The Decision four years ago. Their point is to show all the hate fans had then but how they are so quick to forgive and forget, now that he is returning. 

We bring this up, because among the tweets HLN chose to spotlight is one from..... Toni Foxx! 



Yes, that is MY tweet from FOUR years ago! I can't believe it! How did they find that?! I even forgot I tweeted that. But hey... I thought it was funny.

As my friend Vicki said.... "that's why you've been so tied.... Explains a LOT." 

Yeah, I guess it does. 

CLICK HERE for the entire article from HLN.