Robbie Rose knows...Superstar Tim McGraw's mom!  What a treat when Betty unexpectedly called earlier this week from her home near Jacksonville.  I thought she had lost the radio station's number a long time ago.  I was wrong and sure glad she took the time to check in with us.

Once again, this brings back great memories when Tim was just getting started in country radio.  Some of you may not know that Tim's mom and dad, Betty and Tug, met when Tug played ball for the Jacksonville Suns.  If you want all the juicy details, Betty wrote a book about their lives.  In the book, she talks about calling the radio station to get Tim's songs played on air.  Actually, I think every one of Tim's family called in!  They knew and now we all know what a superstar Tim was destined to be.

 Betty's book published in 1996


  Betty's book announcement at Metropolitan Park aboard the Annabelle Lee


Superstar Moms - Betty "McMom" Trimble (2nd from left)  and the late Colleen Brooks, Garth's mom (4th from left)


 Tim McGraw and Jeff Foxworthy at CMA week - 1998