Craig Wayne Boyd at the Ritz Theatre

The 'Artists You Should Know: Country Edition' Series at the Ritz Theatre coming up July 14th is Craig Wayne Boyd!! 

Sure, he’s already drawn a large and loyal following. Thousands thrilled to his victory in Season 7 of The Voice. That right there is more than most performers could even dream of.

But with release of his new album, Top Shelf, Boyd goes way beyond that platform to a place that even his fans might not have anticipated. Confident delivery, upbeat personality, deep country soul, and easy charisma - this is all still there.

What’s changed is that these qualities aren’t the whole picture. Rather, they’re the foundation of all the qualities that make Craig Wayne unique among today’s young artists of any genre. Top Shelf is a musical kaleidoscope - a whirl of celebration, heartbreak, the sweet pain of love, and the comfort of faith’s embrace. 

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