Put a little gravel in my travel -John Scott

The good news: one of our local basketball teams is heading to Lakeland for the Boys Basketball State Championship!

The bad news: You have to drive through Orlando in rush morning rush hour traffic to get there.

Normally that would be enough for me to call off the whole trip.

But rather than being deterred by horrendous central Florida traffic, we foundan alternative. My wife and I found that we love taking the backroads instead of the interstate anyway.

Plus, this trip through the backroads was only going to add five minutes to the trip!!!

So I took SR 13 to US17 then through Palatka on 19 and took 19 almost all the way down past Kissimmee!

It was a blast and incredibly stress-free!! Plus our team won the game in Overtime!

So, next time Orlando may get in the way of a great road trip, consider the backroads!!!

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