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CrossFit Salt de Terre

Status: Open

Gift Cards Available: Yes - in store and online

City: Jacksonville

Street Address(s): 2385 Corbett Street - Building 2, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Website URL

Business Description

CrossFit Salt de Terre is a female owned CrossFit gym in the heart of Riverside. Our specialty is sustainable, fun CrossFit and making this type of workout routine more accessible for women and men who've wanted to try it but may have been intimidated or discouraged by CrossFit’s rapport. We blend small, instructor led classes with our mission and consistent efforts to give back to the Jacksonville community. Through nutrition and betterment challenges, specialty movement and mobility clinics, and lots of active, social outings, CrossFit Salt de Terre offers lots of opportunities for members to engage in a more holistic approach to whole body wellness. At CFSDT, we believe that good people attract good-er people and our gym environment is all about enthusiasm, positivity, and helping you reach your goals.


6am- 7am, 8:30am- 9:30am, 11:30am- 12:30pm, 4pm- 8pm Monday to Friday

9am- 11:30am Saturday



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