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One of my new favorite people in country music. Parker is from texas and he's got a pure sound and his sogs draw you in. Check him out below. He's been performing since he was 16 years old.

That one night you had a beer. Then the next thing you know your life plans are on the she;lf. Hardy is one artsis I haven't got to see yet LIVE but i knwo he's going to be good. Hope I get to shotgun a beer with him.

This is my favorite Sam Hunt song on his new album. Below is the accoustic version from the Ryman at CRS 2020. The words juist draw you in. A bunch of radio people listening to thsi new stuff in Nashville.

Granger Smith LIVE as EARL DIBBLES JR. City Boy Stuck!!

Lee Brice one of my favorite peeps. This is his new song.

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