Ew! TikTok Star Defends Her Romantic Relationship with her Step Brother.


Ok ok, I get it, they're not blood related so technically they're not doing anything wrong, but still it seems a bit weird! Or maybe it's just me!

So Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena met about six years ago when they're parents were in a romantic relationship. They said they started dating three years ago after they kissed one night during a "sibling movie night"

What's weird is that the couple capatlizes I understand you can't help who you fall for and sometimes it's not always the right person, but it just seems weird that the couple capitalizes off the fact that they're "step-siblings" - I would understand a bit more if you guys had chemistry but didn't turn your whole TikTok account into showing off that they are guys are "related"

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